• Our insulation systems

    Isola Belgium insulates your home or construction project in the broadest sense of the word.  
    Thermal insulation for floors, ceilings, crawl spaces or attics.
    Acoustic insulation for floors, walls and ceilings.  
    Or choose a combination of both with one of our insulation systems. Thermogran 25, Thermogran 32 of Thermogran 34 each with its own apllication.


        Value thermal insulation (λ) (the lower, the better)  Value acoustical insulation (the higher, the better)
     Thermogran 25    0.04 W/mK  25 dB at 5 cm
     Thermogran 32    0.04 W/mK  32 dB at 5 cm
     Thermogran 34    0.04 W/mK  34 dB at 5 cm
     PUR    0.028 W/mK  -
     Isola Pearls  0,036 W/mK  -

    Thermogran 34: maximum acoustic insulation

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